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License 415562 C-10 
105 S. Quarantina St.
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93103
805-962-9986    Office
805-962-0631    Fax 
   In recent years there have been a number of research articles written regarding the relationship of EMF and certain health problems. While for some the debate continues, many others have added EMF to their healthy building check list along with asbestos, PCB's, radon and molds. 
   Those concerned with EMF effects need to understand that there are varying sources of it. Proximity to high voltage transmission lines has only one solution...distance. But the majority of problems occur within the building itself. Good wiring practices take care of most sources within a building. Unfortunately some wiring errors can create significant sources of EMF but not show up in any other obvious way.   
   Turner Electric offers both site testing and remediation capabilities. We can test your building for EMF levels and recommend the needed repairs for your own electrician to follow, or we can have our own electricians complete the work. EMF problems are often simple, but can come in more complicated layers of problems or less obvious sources such as metal pipe connections to adjoining buildings.
   We can work with you on your existing building or provide preventative consulting on your new construction project.