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Partners & Links:

License 415562 C-10
105 S. Quarantina St.
Santa Barbara, Ca. 93103
805-962-9986    Office
805-962-0631    Fax 
Excellence in construction is a collective effort. The people and businesses below are a few of those that make great projects come to life. 
General Contractors: 
Giffin  & Crane Construction     805-966-6401
McFarlane Construction            805-569-4001
RHC Construction                      805-565-8957
Clause Construction                  805-962-1972
D.D. Ford Construction             805-965-4055
Paul Franz Construction            805-745-8320
Young Construction                   805-963-6787
Stephen Jones Construction    760-346-3366
Audio/Visual Contractors: 
Hi Fi  Club                                     805-962-2525
DSI Entertainment                        818-906-9940
Whorf Entertainment                    805-968-2559
Architects & Engineers: 
Don Nulty  A.I.A.                805-963-1761
N.M.A.                                805-684-8885
Harrison Design                805-899-3434
Winick Architecture           805-284-1617
Bob Easton Design           805-969-5051
Stephen Jones Design      760-346-3366
Alan Noelle Engineering   805-563-5444
Smith Engineering             805-966-2877
J.M.P.E.                              805-899-3775
McClellan's Equipment    805-967-9476
Construction Plumbing     805-965-7377
Quinn Company                     805-278-8706
Neel  Lighting & Controls     805-650-9094
Specified Lighting                 805-681-8455
Powercom.                             805-963-4864
Illuminations Chandelier        805-892-2404
Interior Design: 
Sandra Canada                805-693-9931
Sue Aldrich                        805-969-7976